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Estate Agency and Residential Conveyancing:  Indicative Pricing

Residential Coveyancing fees

The estimated costing shown below are based on a typical sale and purchase transaction at the stated prices.  The proposed fees assume there are no complicating factors and are subject to change depending on the individual circumstances of any particular transaction.

When engaged by a client to provide a service, a specific quote will be based on the clients' actual purchase or sale figures.

  Purchase at £150,000 Purchase at £250,000
Fee £745.00 £945.00
VAT £149.00 £189.00
LBTT £100.00* £2,100.00*
Registration Dues of Disposition £250.00 £490.00
Registration Dues of Standard Security £70.00 £70.00
Total £1314.00 £3794.00

Please note:

1. VAT rates and LBTT rates may be subject to change by HMRC and Revenue Scotland.
2. The calculation of LBTT shown is based on the purchase not being an additional home as in those circumstances Additional Dwelling Supplement may also be payable.
3. Post and incidental expenses assuming a normal transaction will be approximately £35 plus VAT.

* These rates are not applicable at present as the threshold for LBTT until 31st March 2021 has been increased to £250,000.

Estate Agency Fees

  Sale at £150,000  Sale at £250,000 
Initial Marketing Costs* £200.00 £200.00
ASPC Insertion Fee  £300.00 £300.00
/floor plan costs
£132.00 £132.00
Total Initial Marketing
£632.00 £632.00
**Commission on sale £1500.00 £2500.00
Conveyancing Fee £575.00 £575.00
VAT £415.00 £615.00
Multi Search Report £130.00 £130.00
Plans Report Level 1/2/3 £127.00 £127.00
Advance Notice £20.00 £20.00

Registration Dues of Discharge
of Standard Security

£70.00 £70.00
(legal) COST
£2837.00 £4037.00
incl. Property Marketing costs)
£3469.00 £4669.00

*These include the cost of a Consultant's visit to the property for the preparation of schedules, and entry into our Firm's website and social media channels.

Please Note:

1. **The minimum commission on sale fee is £1,000 plus VAT
2. Posts and incidental expense assuming a normal transaction will be £35 plus VAT
3. Press adverts and alternative photographic packages are available upon request as well as additional social media slideshows and boosts.
4. A Home Report will be required, the cost of which will be settled directly by the client to the surveyor and the cost of this will be determined by the value of the property.

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