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Gordon Davidson


Experience to Assist You

Gordon is a Consultant in the firm's Corporate Department.  With more than 30 years' corporate experience, Gordon has detailed knowledge of a wide range of corporate matters and has acted in numerous sale and purchase transactions.  He has been involved in relatively small start ups and provided ongoing legal advice to those companies as they grew, eventually leading to sizeable sales to third party purchasers.

Over the years, Gordon has advised his clients in relation to various complex sale and purchase transactions, with prices ranging from fairly modest sums up to sums exceeding £50m.  He therefore has detailed knowledge of all aspects of the acquisition process including the various forms of consideration mechanics, earn outs, deferred consideration and partial re-investment by sellers.  He has also acted in both asset sales and asset purchases for a wide range of businesses.

Gordon has regularly advised on the preparation of Shareholders' Agreements, including Joint Venture Agreements and the detailed terms of Articles of Association.  He also has extensive knowledge of share buy backs and similar procedures and has also been involved in drafting and adjusting the legal documents required for various groups restructuring exercises, many of which are tax driven.

In addition to his corporate experience, Gordon has knowledge of various forms of employee share schemes.  He has put in place EMI, ESS and unapproved share schemes for various clients and also provided advice on schemes put in place by other legal firms, particularly in relation to exercising share options immediately prior to completion of a share sale or other similar event.

Additional Information

Gordon's particular strength lies in his depth of knowledge, negotiating abilities, speed of response and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

Career History

Gordon joined Clark & Wallace in 1982 and became a partner of that firm in 1988.  In 1988, Gordon became a partner of Paull & Williamsons and continued in that role until 2012.  He then became a consultant in Burness Paul LLP (formed from the merger of Paull & Williamsons and Burness).  Gordon joined Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace in November 2015.

Other Information

Member of the Law Society of Scotland

Notary Public



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