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All in a day’s work

As part of our “Advocating Youth Development” initiative, Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace have formed links with schools and children’s sporting teams in the local community.

Kirkhill Primary in Aberdeen is one we’ve had links with for many years and this week saw Greg Costello, one of our Corporate Solicitors, dressing up as a pirate (Captain Red Belt) and paying a visit to the nursery!

Why I hear you ask? The children’s next project is themed around pirates and treasure and this provided a suitable introduction point for it. The idea is to engage the children and get them excited by the prospect of the project. With his fantastic costume and rewarding treasure hunt, I think you’ll all agree, Greg certainly did just that!

Keith Allan, Managing Partner commented, “We are delighted to be able to support the local community and this was really something quite unique for us! We commend Greg for being such a good sport and getting fully into character. I am told the ladies all agree he is definitely more Jack Sparrow than Captain Hook!”