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Employees & Employers

Assistance across a variety of industry sectors and to employers at all levels, from global oil companies to sole traders.

We provide advice and assistance across a variety of industry sectors and to employers at all levels, from global oil companies to sole traders.

We get to know your business and tailor our services to your individual requirements. Our employer services include providing comprehensive and understandable advice upon:-

  • Terms and conditions of employment offered to employees at all levels including company directors.
  • Bonus and incentive plans and/or share option schemes.
  • HR or employee related policies and procedures.
  • Dealing with grievances raised by your employees, including claims they may have been discriminated against.
  • Dealing with problematic employees e.g. conduct related issues (at or outwith the workplace) and capability issues such as poor performance or long term ill health.
  • Redundancies, reorganisations or business transfers.
  • Proposed changes to employee’s terms and conditions of employment.
  • How to prepare for and conduct internal investigations, disciplinary and/or appeal hearings.
  • The procedural or substantive fairness of any dismissal.
  • The potential effect of post termination covenants or restrictions and consequences of breach.
  • Jurisdictional issues where the employment may have some overseas element.
  • The terms and effect of any compromise agreement offered by you to an employee seeking to agree terms of severance.
  • Providing advice upon Employment Tribunal or Court proceedings, including representation in litigation brought by or against you.

We also provide advice upon terms of engagement or consultancy arrangements offered to other workers whether contracted directly or indirectly via an employment business.

We work with our corporate and commercial property colleagues when necessary to provide a complete service and provide support in corporate transactions including:-

  • Drafting and reviewing service agreements and consultancy agreements.
  • Drafting and reviewing compromise agreements.
  • Drafting and reviewing employment warranties and indemnities.
  • Carrying out employment due diligence including drafting diligence reports and dealing with any issues that arise.
  • Advising on all aspects of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (“TUPE”).
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