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Elderly Client Advice

Are you lacking confidence to deal with your affairs following bereavement or a decline in health?

Are you looking for advice about preserving your assets?

Do you have no close family to help or advise you as you get older?

Are your papers in a muddle and are HMRC sending you threatening letters?

Are you unsure of your rights in the care system?

Do you have an elderly relative, friend or neighbour who falls into any of these categories?

Our friendly team has extensive experience in helping people who are advancing in years and who may have difficulty managing their own affairs because of physical frailty or the onset of dementia.

We can deal with care professionals, and alongside our financial services department, can offer advice on how to make your income and capital work for you.   You may want to put a power of attorney in place or just have us deal with your tax returns.

You may be finding it difficult to cope with managing your property and we can suggest options that are right for you, including whether you should consider transferring your assets to your children.

It is never easy to give up control as you get older but with sound advice from our discreet team, we can help you make informed choices. 

Our strengths come from being  a full service legal provider.  As a result we can give a light touch if that is all that is necessary, but can provide full cover for anyone who simply isn’t able to manage things for themselves and requires our well qualified personnel to assist them in making the right decision.

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