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Would you like to benefit family, friends or chosen charities but want to keep control?

Do you want to safeguard the differing interests of those closest to you if you are not there to oversee your business or personal affairs?

Do you need to keep your options open as to whom should benefit from your personal assets?

Do you have a potential liability to inheritance tax and therefore need to consider tax planning?

Has a member of your family received a large sum by way of compensation for injury or by way of damages?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions it may be appropriate for you to consider setting up a trust.

Trusts can help protect your assets both during your life and after your death and can also preserve them going forward whilst maintaining the options as to whom should benefit. We have solicitors experienced in advising you of these options and who can set up the appropriate form of trust to help with any of the above problems, including:

  • registering the trust with HMRC
  • servicing and administering the trust on a day to day basis
  • preparing annual accounts and completing the necessary tax returns for submission to HMRC
  • the winding up of any trust. 

All members of our team dealing with trusts are either current members of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners – a well respected organisation which prides itself in maintaining high standards within the profession) or are student members working towards full membership.

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