As we bring 2021 to a close, here’s a quick round up of our informative 12 ‘legal days of Christmas’ in case you missed our posts across social media during December. As a full service law firm providing estate agency and financial services we aim to make the law easy to understand for all our clients whenever they need our services.

We hope you find these nuggets of information across a wide range of legal areas both interesting and useful.

Residential Property

Missives: When buying or selling a house in Scotland missives are letters between Solicitors which constitute the contract for the sale of property between the buyer and the seller. Find out more about our conveyancing services here.

Conveyancing: Conveyancing is the process which transfers title of property from one party to another. It’s a process with a number of stages. See more here.

Commercial Property

Notice to Quit: A Notice to Quit is a notice that is served to terminate a commercial lease. If not served validly in terms of the lease, there is a risk that the lease term continues for another year on the same terms and conditions. Find out more about our Commercial Leasing Services here.

Financial Services

Mortgage: A Mortgage is a loan taken to purchase a property, and the property secures the loan, In Scotland it’s legally known as Standard Security. Our Financial Services team can help you secure one.

Tax efficient investments take account of current taxes due on such savings. We can help advise how you can save and invest within these limits to make your money work harder. Find out how we can help with this here.

Employment Law

Employment Tribunal is the body which hears most legal disputes between employees and their employers.  Not a court, but is run by an Employment Judge. Should you have an employment issue we can help, find out more here.

Constructive dismissal is where the employer’s conduct is so bad that the employee is entitled to resign without notice. Find out how we can help in such cases here.

Private Client Law

Confirmation is the Scottish term for Probate. It’s a legal document giving the executor of a deceased person’s estate the authority to distribute assets in accordance with their Will. It is usually issued by the local Sherriff Court. Find out more about our executry services here.

Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney grants someone the power to act as you, if you are incapacitated. There are two parts, financial dealing with all money matters, and welfare , dealing with your health and well-being as well as where you may live. Find out more about them here.

Family Law

Aliment is also called “maintenance”. It’s the payment of a monthly sum of money made by one party to the other following a separation until the date of divorce. Aliment can be paid voluntarily or can be court ordered. Find out more about our Family Law Services here.

Residence: In family law, residence is an often used term. It was formerly known as “Custody” and is awarded by the court to a parent with whom the children live. Find out more.

Find out more about all the legal services we offer for life , business and property.

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