We are happy to be able to provide advice and assistance with issues across the whole of the spectrum of Employment law.  We understand that the point that a lot of employees need legal advice is also very stressful.  The last thing that would help with that is worries over uncertain legal costs.  Below we have set out our pricing structure for a variety of employment tribunal claims, based on the cost for a typical case of that type.  The price to you will vary depending on the complexity of your particular case.  We can provide you with our estimated price following an initial meeting to discuss matters, depending on the litigation strategy you choose to adopt.

The single biggest factor which will affect the cost to you is the time that we need to spend on your case.  Simply put, more complex cases will require more time.  The complexity of a case can be affected by the number of witnesses, more complicated grounds of claim, such as discrimination, the timetable and procedural progress of the claim through the tribunal system, and the attitude of the other side to preparation and progress.

The example costs below do not include Counsel’s fees (which will apply if a decision is made to instruct Counsel to deal with any part of your case), nor any expert witness fees that may be required.

Settlement Agreements

The cost of settlement agreement advice will vary according to:

  • The length of the agreement
  • The complexity of the agreement
  • Whether negotiation of the payments is necessary
  • Whether any of the terms need to be changed

For a typical type of agreement, with some minor changes, a fee of between £350 and £500 can be expected. 

Tribunal Claims

A simple tribunal claim could be a claim for unpaid wages, holiday pay, or protective award on liquidation.
A case like this will not usually involve more than one day at a tribunal.
The fee will normally be in the range of £1,500 to £2,500


A moderately complex tribunal claim could be one involving unfair dismissal where the dismissal arose out of a one-off incident, with few witnesses, and no other compounding factors. 

A case like this will usually involve 2-3 days at a tribunal.
The fee will normally be in the region of £2,500 to £5,000.


A complex tribunal claim would be one involve several different factors, such as unfair dismissal on the grounds of disability, or whistleblowing.  It is likely to involve multiple witnesses to different events, and will include extensive internal documentation which will need to be reviewed. 
A case like this will involve four or more days at a tribunal.
The fee will normally be in the region of £5,000 to £10,000, and more in very complex cases.

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