This fixed fee Family Law package is appropriate for a simplified divorce. 

Simplified Divorce Procedure

A simplified divorce procedure may be appropriate only where:

(1)  You and your spouse/civil partner  have not lived together for more than two years OR  you have not lived together for more than one year and you  believe that your spouse/civil partner will consent to the divorce/dissolution of Civil Partnership.
(2)  There are no outstanding financial matters to resolve between you,  and
(3)  there are no children of the marriage or civil partnership under 16 years of age.

Cost of Initial meeting.

We will first meet with you to consider and discuss if the simplified procedure is appropriate for your case. This may require us to gather information so we can be sure that the simplified procedure is appropriate.
For this first meeting our fixed fee will be £250 plus VAT at 20%

Our fixed price includes:

• Meeting with you, taking instructions and providing advice on the simplified divorce/dissolution procedure.
• Collecting information from you about your position, your finances and family circumstances.
• Assessing if simplified procedure is appropriate in your case and advising you on next steps.

Where the simplified procedure divorce / dissolution of civil partnership is appropriate

If the simplified procedure is appropriate, then our fixed fee for completing a simplified divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership will be:

• £250 plus VAT at 20%. This excludes outlays (fees which may need to be paid to third parties).

The outlays will include:

• Court fees: These increase annually. The current fee is £128

• Service fees: Service by sheriff officer, where service by recorded delivery has not been possible. The current fee is £13 payable to the court as an admin charge, and a fee  of between £50 and £150 payable to Sheriff Officers.

Our fixed price includes:

• Completing the application to the court and arranging for you, and where appropriate , your spouse/civil partner to sign it.
• Notarising the application to court.
• Lodging application and any supporting documents with the court.

Note:   This fixed price will only cover the services mentioned. Your case may require additional work that is not included. We will discuss this with you at our initial meeting. If additional costs arise due to unforeseen circumstances, we will discuss this with you at the earliest opportunity and we will advise you of any increase in price that may arise.

Additional Outlays

In undertaking your case there may be additional outlays which we may require to pay on your behalf such as Court fees. We will also discuss what these may be at our initial meeting.

Legal Aid

We do not offer Legal Aid for Family Law matters. You can contact the Scottish Legal Aid Board for further information about Solicitors who do provide a Legal Aid service .

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