The pricing below is based on the scenario where a married couple have separated.  They have two children both at primary school. Their assets include a house with a mortgage, two cars, two bank accounts and each party has  a pension. They also have various debts including a mortgage, a car loan and a credit card bill.  Both parties have solicitors, and are willing to negotiate openly and make full disclosure of all relevant assets and financial information. Both parties work full time, and their salaries are similar.

The client requires advice on the arrangements to be made for the children, such as where they will stay and when they will have contact with the other parent. The client also wishes advice on what would be a fair amount of Child Maintenance. After some communication between the parties’ solicitors, including an exchange of information about the income of both parties, an agreement is reached. That agreement is documented in the Separation Agreement which is drawn up by the solicitors and signed by both parties.

 As part of this process, valuations are obtained for the house, pensions and other assets such as cars and bank accounts. Negotiations take place between the parties’ solicitors as to how it would be fair to divide these assets.   Following these discussions Agreement is reached.  That agreement is also documented in their Separation Agreement.

Based on the scenario above, we would estimate our fee to be in the region of £3500-£4500 plus VAT at 20%, and outlays. Outlays may include the cost of having the house valued, the fee paid to a pension provider to obtain a pension value and the dues of having the  separation agreement registered.  The fee for dealing with either the sale or the transfer of the house will be quoted separately  and is not included in the figure above.

The indicative pricing above assumes that there are no complicating factors and is only meant as a rough guide. The estimate is subject to change based on the individual circumstances of the particular client.