You’ve got your Court Order, what now?

We won’t just get the Court Order and send you on your way.  That Order won’t be worth the paper it’s written on unless the appropriate steps are taken to enforce it.

Our experience

We have teamed up with local Sheriff Officers, who will not only serve the appropriate notices, but will provide reports on a case by case basis, giving insight into the most appropriate form of diligence (enforcement) to get the money that is due to you. 

Unfortunately, sometimes that still isn’t enough and when that’s the case, you can still turn to us.  We have extensive experience acting for creditors in presenting bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings to the court.  We will always aim to provide clear and understandable advice and will outline the pros and cons of instigating insolvency proceedings in an effort to determine whether this is the best option for a creditor.

Our team often act for Liquidators and Trustees on a wide range of matters, from conducting examinations of Directors to raising court proceedings for recovery of debt.

Should you like more information on how our Litigation Team can help you, please contact our Litigation Department on 01224 332 400.

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