We can offer a true ‘one stop’ service when it comes to buying, selling or remortgaging a property.  

We can provide mortgage advice and arrange finance that is most suitable for you. As we are not tied to any particular Bank or Building Society our advice is independent and will be based upon mortgage products from all lenders in the intermediary market.

Karen Falconer explains the different types of mortgages available in this YouTube video.

Following a detailed review of your circumstances, we can recommend the most appropriate mortgage solution for you. 

You may find the following checklist useful

Pre Mortgage application checklist

Mortgage providers will use a credit agency to find out about your previous record at repaying debts. The more evidence that is available to them to show that you are a responsible borrower the better.

Here are some Key points that will assist you in building up your credit score and having a better chance in securing a mortgage:

  • Are you on the electoral roll at your current address? – the electoral roll will be used by mortgage providers for identity verification purposes. Lenders must be able to verify that a potential customer is who they say they are.
  • Building up a credit history – lenders are likely to review your credit history when you apply for credit. By Building up a credit history this will allow lenders to see that you have demonstrated responsibility in repaying debts
  • Never miss a payment– ensuring that debts are paid on time will demonstrate to the lender that you have kept up to date with existing financial commitments
  • Keeping a low credit balance and never exceeding your limit – this will indicate good money management to the lender
  • Close any unused accounts – lenders will often look at the total amount of credit available to an individual and consider this when making lending decisions. Therefore it is wise to close any dormant accounts that still show credit available to use
  • Spacing out credit applications– when a lender uses a credit agency to search your credit history during an application for credit it will leave a footprint on your credit report. This can viewed by other lenders and a high volume of searches in a short space of time could have a negative impact on an application.
  • Obtain a copy of your credit report- ensure that it is accurate and up to date – if there is an error on your report, you have the right for it to be rectified. Contact the lender or the credit reference agency to ask for it to be corrected. You also have a right to explain, a notice of correction can be attached to explain things like missed payments due to extenuating circumstances. Lenders reviewing your credit history will be able to see this.

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