Experience to assist you

With over 16 years experience in relocation as a Destination Service Provider, Susie has a wealth of knowledge of the property market within the North East of Scotland. Having represented her clients in a ‘buyers’ role previously, she understands the perspective of the end consumer, and this alongside her ability to provide market insight and knowledge of trends for the local area, puts her in a great position to value your property and support you through the selling process.

Going the extra mile

Having supported a range of clients in relocating to Aberdeen, many of whom never having visited the city before, Susie is an expert in developing good relationships and supporting people through what can be a challenging and busy time. Her friendly, caring and knowledgeable manner, paired with her expertise of the local area will go a long way to provide the support and guidance you need throughout the selling process.

Joined RCCW in 2022.