If you need advice on a family law matter, the first decision you need to make is what type of law firm to instruct.  Is it better to engage a firm which practices exclusively in this area of the law or instead should you employ a solicitor in a full service law firm such as RCCW?

Dealing with family law cases requires more than just a detailed knowledge of family law. Certainly, advising our clients on matters of family law is the most significant part of our caseload. We routinely provide  comprehensive advice on family law staples  such as child law, division of assets,  pension sharing, and  child maintenance, to name but a few.

However, family law cases often involve other legal issues, such as the sale or transfer of the family home, the need to restructure and share the value of a family business, immigration matters, employment law, together with diverse and often complex areas of the law. If a couple separate, have a child, or form a new relationship, it is important that Wills are re-drafted, and that the terms of life policies and nomination of pension benefits are reviewed.  A change in family circumstances could also mean a need to take financial advice.

At RCCW our teams of accomplished lawyers, with proficiency in private client matters,   business and corporate law, property transactions and employment law, as well as our experienced and knowledgeable financial advisors are able and available to complement and enhance the advice provided by the family law team.  Divorce or separation can be a difficult and stressful time, even if the break up is amicable.  Knowing that your appointed law firm can deal with a range of legal questions that may arise can help make life easier.  From a practical perspective we can brief the relevant teams on your case and the issues involved saving you time.  When it comes to signing papers and dealing with the practicalities of ending the relationship and dividing assets everything is in one place, making the whole process much simpler and convenient for you.

Quite simply, family law issues almost always impact on other areas of our lives, and it is important that your solicitor can guide and assist you through the process.  No client wants a lawyer who has never dealt with a legal issue such as theirs. When you appoint our family law team   you enlist our extensive knowledge and experience in family law, confident that you have access to and support from a wide range of qualified legal and financial professionals who can assist in a wide range of matters which may occur during the divorce process.   As a full service legal firm we help with most legal issues that happen during your and your family‚Äôs lives.

To find out more about our family law services and arrange an appoint to discuss your legal requirements click here. 

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