We advise on all aspects of employment law and employment related litigation.

We aim to give you an understanding of your situation, guide you through the legal complexities and clearly explain your legal rights.

We are able to help with aspects of your employment, from reviewing your contract before you start, right through to the issues which arise on termination of employment.

Our team can provide comprehensive and understandable advice on:-

  • The proposed terms and conditions of your employment or changes to them.
  • Proposed bonus and incentive plans and/or share option scheme.
  • Proposed redundancies or reorganisations by your employer which may affect your employment.
  • Proposed transfer of your employment under the TUPE regulations.
  • Grievances against your employer, including concerns that you have been discriminated against, or workplace bullying or harassment.
  • How you can best prepare for and take part in internal investigations, disciplinary and/or appeal hearings.
  • Any decision your employer takes to dismiss you.
  • The meaning an application of any post termination restrictions in your contract of employment.
  • Jurisdictional issues where your employment may have some overseas element.
  • The terms and effect of any settlement agreement your employer offers to encourage you to leave.
  • Employment Tribunal or Court proceedings, including representation in litigation brought by or against you.

Partner Neil Fraser explains the Employment Tribunal Process in this YouTube Video here:

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