Clear advice on the best way to recover debts due to you.
Are you due money?

Our specialist Debt Recovery Team have extensive experience in recovering debts,
both large and small.  Whether you are an individual or multi-national company, we will always strive to recover all that you are entitled to and will often make full recovery for our clients without
having to resort to court action.

Whether a letter to your debtor does the trick or court action is ultimately required, we will always aim to provide clear and understandable advice, taking account of the economic factors and risks involved in any litigation.

What if we have to go to court?

Sometimes, debtors just don’t play ball and court action is the only way to recover the
money that is due to you.  Whilst such action can be daunting, our experienced litigators will guide you through the process each step of the way.  We have a good working relationship with the local Sheriff Clerks and excellent knowledge of the court system.  All of this comes
together to ensure that you are offered a service which is second to none.

Once the court order is granted, our service doesn’t stop there!

We have teamed up with local Sheriff Officers, who will not only serve the appropriate
notices, but will provide reports on a case by case basis, giving insight into
the most appropriate form of diligence (enforcement) to get the money that is
due to you.

Why us?

The short answer – we accept that most people don’t want to a see a lawyer and to do so is the very last resort.

Our Experience

We have a dedicated team of civil court lawyers who have in-depth experience of all forms of dispute resolution.

We regularly conduct cases in the Sheriff Court; Court of Session; and the First Tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing & Property Chamber).  We can also advise on alternative forms of dispute resolution such as Arbitration and Mediation.

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