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Wills & Tax Planning

Do you want to ensure that the correct members of your family or preferred charities benefit from your estate rather than the government?

Do you want to ensure that at a time of uncertainty and anxiety, your family has a clear statement of your wishes?

Our approachable team has experience, specialist training and qualifications to advise you on the most appropriate way to draft your will. In conjunction with our financial services team, we can advise you how to set up your affairs to ensure that Inheritance Tax is kept to a minimum and advise where it may be avoided altogether. This may include a combination of advice on setting up trusts, gifting your property or making tax efficient investments.

We offer an all round service where we listen, consider and advise. As a full service legal provider we can consult with our corporate, commercial or court department colleagues to ensure that our advice is tailored to your personal circumstances - whatever your wealth profile.

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