We understand that the decision to instruct a solicitor in a Family Law matter can be daunting, and may come at a difficult  time in your life. We know that  it is important  to choose the right solicitor for you.  

We also understand  that the need to budget for legal costs and to  know what these might be is  very important.  For these reasons  we are pleased  to offer an initial fixed fee Family Law  package  which includes  a consultation with one of our solicitors  for up to one hour, to discuss your particular situation and provide advice on the best way forward for you, together with a written summary of our advice. The fee for this package is  £300 plus VAT at 20%,(there may be a small additional fee for an online ID check). You will be under no obligation to instruct us to do anything more following that consultation,  but if you do choose to instruct us further, we will explain what the costs of your case might be.

If you do decide to instruct us in your case, we recognise that it is important that you should  know what our costs might be, so that you can budget accordingly.  We will always try to give you an indication of what the likely costs of your case will be.

On the following pages we provide indicative costs for different family law issues.

Fixed Fee Divorce Package

Separation Agreement

Court action seeking contact with a Child