The fees quoted are for straightforward Wills. Additional costs can arise where, for example, trust provisions are included for vulnerable beneficiaries, or where tax planning measures are included.

Single Will for an individual – from £300.00 + vat

Mirror wills for a couple – from £425.00 + vat

Power of Attorney

The fees quoted are for the preparation of Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney, to include registration with the Office of the Public Guardian
Single Power of Attorney for an individual – from £350.00 + vat + registration fee (currently £85.00)
Mirror Powers of Attorney for a couple – from £475.00 + vat + registration fees (currently £85.00 each)

Executry Administration

The estimated costing shown below is based on an average sized estate.  The estimated fee assumes there are no complicating factors and is only meant as a rough guide.  This is subject to change depending on the individual circumstances of any particular estate.

This estimate is for illustration purposes only.

For an estate worth approximately £500,000.00 comprising:

• one residential property worth approx. £250,000.00
• four bank accounts and four other standard investments (of which there are no more than two individual shareholdings)
• there is a Will, and
• no more than four beneficiaries

We would estimate our fee to be in the region of £6,500.00 – £7,500.00 + VAT.  (This estimated fee does not include any outlays).
Dealing with the sale or transfer of the property is not included in this fee estimate.


Outlays are costs paid to third parties.  Such outlays may include:-

• Court fees for registering the Will and obtaining the Grant of Confirmation
• Court fees for appointing an executor (if no Will)
• Bond of Caution premium (requirement when there is no Will)
• Property and house content valuation fees

These are only an example of a few of the more standard outlays incurred and is therefore not an exhaustive list.

The fee charged will depend on the nature and extent of the estate and as a result the costs can vary from one estate to another. The fee in each case is assessed by an independent and qualified Law Accountant based on the work carried out, the complexities and the nature of the assets involved.

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